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The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy

The cost of stem cell therapy can vary depending on a variety of factors such as the type of stem cells used, the manner of the processing of those cells, the medical condition being treated, the number of cells required, and the location of the treatment facility.

It should be noted that the cost of stem cell therapy should not be the only deciding factor when considering treatment. At our facilities around the world. We perform genetic/DNA testing, test both the mother and father and use only mesenchymal stem cells donated after healthy birth. We process our tissue under strict procedure supervised by MDs and PHDs to ensure the quality of the stem cells that you receive.

One of the many benefits of traveling to one of our global facilities is that we are legally able to remove (isolate) cellular debris from our cells and allow them to grow as they do naturally. We are able to treat our patients with cells that are alive and have not been frozen. We grow cells for each patient and do not store them frozen. These are some of the many reasons our outcomes are significantly better than many others.

We do not use animal products to process our cells as is the case very often in countries like Mexico. All cells used in our treatments are human umbilical cord derived, mesenchymal cells. We own our laboratory and do not purchase cells from a third-party processor so we can control the quality of your care.

What Is The Cost Of Stem Cell Therapy?

We offer multiple types of treatment of stem cells for varying conditions:

  • IV infusions
  • Interarticular injections for joints
  • Intrathecal treatments
  • Intranasal treatments
  • Spinal treatments
  • Aesthetic injections
  • Hair restoration injections
  • Sexual wellness injections

Each type of treatment contains a unique number of stem cells depending on the condition, the body size of the individual and the progression of the disease.

IV treatments are used for anti-aging, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, and more. The dosage and therefore the investment is based on body size and condition. For example, a person that weighs 130 pounds may require 150 million stem cells to reach the desired outcome. However, someone that weighs 240 pounds may require 250 million cells to achieve a similar result. IV treatments typically range from $15,500 to $26,500, although in rare circumstances a larger dose may be required.

Joint injections for knees, hips, shoulders, etc. typically contains 50 million stem cells per joint. These injections are typically less than $7500.

Intrathecal injections where the cells are injected directly into the fluid surrounding spinal cord are performed in a surgical environment and are therefore require a larger investment. These procedures are administered to treat certain neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, etc.

They are also administered to patients with spinal cord injuries. This is only decided after full medical review and is not always the proper treatment for neurological disorders. Because of the surgical center and surgical staff required for Intrathecal procedures the investment for 150 million cells in $19,500.00

During an intranasal stem cell procedure, stem cells are administered in the form of a solution or mist that is sprayed into the nostrils. The stem cells travel through the olfactory nerve, which connects the nose to the brain, and reach the central nervous system, where they may be able to promote tissue repair and regeneration.

During this procedure the cells cross the brain blood barrier. These procedures are used in varying situations including traumatic brain injuries, the treatment of cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s Disease, autism, certain neurological disorders, and general anti-aging.

Stem Cell Therapy Treatments For Severe Conditions

These treatments are always administered in conjunction with another treatment and range between $2995 and $4500. Spinal treatments involve the use of stem cells to treat spinal conditions, such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and spinal cord injuries.

These treatments may be delivered through a variety of methods, including intradiscal injections, intravenous infusions, or direct injection into the spinal cord or spinal fluid. Stem cells may also be injected into the paraspinal muscles. These procedures vary in cost depending on the exact procedure but typically range from $15,500 to $19,995.

Aesthetic procedures and hair restoration have become increasing popular treatments at our facilities around the world. For facial procedures, the cells are injected into the skin to promote regeneration, wrinkle reduction, and overall appearance of the skin. Hair restoration requires injections into the scalp to promote growth. Stem cells contain growth factors that help promote the production of hair follicles. These procedures typically have a cost of $7495. Many of our patients add these when coming for other procedures like anti-aging IVs.

Sexual wellness injections for sexual disorders, such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and female sexual dysfunction (FSD). Stem cells by nature differentiate into different cell types, including those that make up the blood vessels and nerves involved in sexual function. Stem cells promote tissue repair and regeneration and improve blood flow and nerve function in the sexual organs. The cost of stem cell therapy for sexual wellness typically is around $7495.